Balloon ideas

Here are 5 simple games you can play with a balloon at home. Idividually they don't take up much time but if you do all of them you can keep busy for a whole morning



1. Blow up the balloon and before tying, just let it fly around the room. Kids love this simple trick 

2. Balloon rocket - Attach a bit of string to one end of your room and put a toilet roll tube on it. Turn sellotape sticky side up and wrap it around the tube. Blow up your balloon but dont tie the end. You hold the string really tight and bring the tube up to your end, push the balloon against the tape so it sticks, get your child to hold the end of the balloon tight. LET IT GO and watch your balloon fly down the string. If its not going very far, hold your string at an angle to help if propel down

3. Keepy uppy - Tie the balloon and bop it about but don't let it touch the floor. You can come up with your own rules to make this game more interesting, like keep one hand behind your back or hop on one leg.

4. Hoopla - one person holds up a hoola hoop and the other try to thow the balloon through the hoop. You can also do this with a cardboard box and try to throw the balloon into the box (it's harder than it sounds)

5. POPIT - Pop that balloon - see who can come up with a way to pop the balloon first