My daughter loves to play in the garden and this year she's had lots of fun planting seeds with the childminder so I wanted to do some with her at home. I thought I'd give cress a go as my planting abilities are pretty rubbish and the two of us were so excited to go check the plants progress every day. To make the project even more fun we put our family's faces on the pots to see who could grow the longest hair - this would be a great Father's day present in a little box for you all to do together. Another idea would be to get a big group together out at a park and everyone could make them with their kids as there was a lot of left over materials.

What you need

Most of these items can be switched out for other similar things but here's what I used

The method

We started by putting a mat down on the floor but you could easily do this outside as well - our Scottish weather wasn't great that day.


Next we decorated the pots, as it's easier to do them without the mud falling out. I took the backs off the eyes and nose but let my daughter stick them on and I held the gel crayon in her hand to help her draw the mouth (although older children could do this all by themselves). I cut out the ears but she could help me put on the glue and stick them to the sides of the head. It's fun to let them pick colours so that they feel more involved in the creation and then when her dad came home she couldn't wait to tell him he had a green nose. I used these items as I already had most of them in the house but you could swap them out for stickers, paints, pens etc.

Then we turned to planting the seed. We put compost into the post until the were about two thirds full and then sprinkled the seeds across the top, following the instructions on the seed packet. We then added a little more compost on top and left them on the kitchen window sill for the magic to happen. It took about 2 weeks before we got some good seedling growing through but once they sprouted we got loads of cress and we tried it out in loads of meals, which encouraged our daughters eating as well.

If you give it a go then send me your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll put them up on my site!