Lockdown Zoo

Over the last few weeks my daughter has shown a massive interest in learning more about animals so we decided to create our own zoo. I've had the best day doing this and she's already asked when she can make her next animal, so I think it was a hit for her as well. I thought I'd share what we did, plus some other great inspirational animal learning ideas.


Funny chin faces

This is the quickest and funniest thing you'll do with your kids this week. 


Balloon ideas

If you have a balloon at home then there are loads of fun games you can play with it to keep your little one busy



Plastic free play dough ideas - cooking class

This tutorial covers everything from making your own play dough to organising your own make beileve cooking class at home. There is loads you can do with this to keep your child busy for days or you could skip to the last step and just use play dough you already have in the house



Finger painting fun

If you are looking for ideas to spice up finger painting at home then here are a few simple tips for babies and young children. You should be able to find most of the items you need at home or in your local supermarket and they don't need to all be done in one go. I've also added in a reciepe for making homemade paint that's suitable for under 3s.


DIY pallet music wall

Hands up if you’ve heard of a music wall? I’ve been gushing over pictures on pinterest for months now and finally decided to give it a go myself. Our daughter loves playing outside and after months of doing big paint jobs etc on the house, I was desperate to do a simple project that I could crack out in a weekend.


Family fun planters

My daughter loves to play in the garden and this year she's had lots of fun planting seeds with the childminder so I wanted to do some with her at home. This is a really simple craft activity that helps grow their interest in the outdoors, crafts and food.


Teach Through Play - Ocean Rescue

This is the first of hopefully the first of many collaborative blog posts with some other awesome mummys and what better topic to kick it off with than Ocean Rescue. This is a hot issue at the moment and a brilliant thing to teach your kids about at a young age so you can help to take steps to improve our oceans and their wildlife.

Teaching children doesn't mean you need to stand at a blackboard, or for those too young to remember those, a SMART board. We are lucky to be parents with the internet at our fingertips and can bring a whole new world of creativity to our home at the click of a button. With the help of the amazing Rachel from Reading with Teddy and Reu, I've pulled together a Pinterest board full of fishy fun to expand the mind of your little one without them having a clue you are teaching them important life lessons.

Learn about sea creatures this summer with this egg carton ocean craft! A fun way to display beach treasures and make a small scene for play too!


Lest over Easter chocolate ideas

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! There I said it and I'm not ashamed. I'm trying my hardest to eat well at the moment but when my 2 year old got a whole heap of Easter eggs by will power was beginning to fail. I decided to tackle the problem head on and melt the lot so that I could have baking fun with my daughter and then farm out the end results to our friends (cue evil laughter).