Now that Autumn is here, it's a great time to get out and about for a walk through the leaves. We've been lucky in Edinburgh and it's been unusually sunny and warm-ish for this time of year so today we made the most of it and went for a wander through Pilrig park. There are lots of amazing parks in this city so you don't need to trek far to fell like you are out in the country. There are so many things that can be used for sensory exploratory fun, so why not put a warm jumper on and head to your favourite patch of grass.

We started our adventure in a wide open space so there was plenty room for her to crawl about. We were lucky that the grass had half been cut so she could feel her way through the difference of the short and long blades. She loved picking up piles of cut grass and throwing them about the place. It was also nice for her to have so much space to practice walking as we have a small flat at home so she doesn't get to go very far. 

Autumn is great for windy weather - lets face it, if you are in Scotland then any season is great for windy weather! We have some dancing ribbons that we take out in the wind so that she can see them flying about and play with them herself, however you could use a small blanket, scarf or even a kite to show your little one how the wind works and to see pretty colours flying.


We then took our walk through the trees where she could kick leaves and play peek-a-boo round the trees. She loved the leaves crunching under her feet and a great song for this would be Going on a Bear Hunt. Just beware for any rubbish that could be a danger to your little one.

There are lots of things for their little fingers to explore, leaves, sticks, tree trunks. Watch for them trying to put anything in their mouth though, you need to be quick to stop their inquisitive minds. If your kids are a bit older, you could also take paper to place over these things with crayons to do rubbings. I've also taken leaves home from a nature walk to make pictures with my little cousins, check out the tutorial on Instructables.

We also stopped off at a park on our walk so that Little Vista could use up the last of her energy. She normally loves the swings but at this park, it was all about the funky mini roundabout. You can also use it to teach things like "up and down" on the seesaw, "hello and goodbye" on the swings and "slow and fast" on the roundabout or slide...but maybe not too fast!

So that only leaves me with one more thing - remember the wipes!!! Those little hands go everywhere and if like us, you might bump into a dog or two that needs a pat on the way, so pack those wipes as you'll definitely need them. 

Nicole @ Crafta La Vista

I'll be back xx