Everybody loves a cute newborn photo shoot but my little one was born at a tiny 3.5lb and we had to give her a little time to grow before we could take her outside for longer periods of time. By the time Halloween came, I couldn't contain myself and was desperate to create something for her first costume - I NEEDED TO SEW SO BAD. I came up with the idea of snail as it meant she could sleep away while I took photos on her lush grassy bedroom carpet. 

The idea was basically a grow bag with a light cushioned back so it was lovely and comfy for her to snuggle in, definitely the easiest photo shoot I did with her as she slept right through!

I've shared my tutorial below but I also have a Pinterest board of absolutely adorable DIY newborn shoots for you to have fun with. 




PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you are safe with your little one and don't move them into any positions that they can't go into easily themselves.

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