We all want to take the perfect photo, especially at Christmas, but this is even more important when a new bundle of joy comes into your life!

We had our daughter last August and when she was invited to her first Christmas party and I wanted to make a special keepsake for all the families...that's when I came up the idea of a baby photo booth. Ok, so it's not a booth but chances are your baby can't sit up yet and if they can, there is no way they are staying still for photos! This is a mat you can lie on the floor and place a baby on lying down, while you take your pictures.


Some material - Now this all depends on what type of background you want to make but I used some blue and white polka dot, felt and fluffy white to make mine

Letter - You can buy some from Ebay or make your own out of cardboard, felt or heat transfer vinyl (will explain more below)

Heat n Bond / Needle & Thread (optional) - depends on how crafty you want to get



The simpler the background the better, you don't want to distract from the star of the show, which is your little one of course! I went for a snowy scene, using a blue with white polka dots to look like snow falling and a white fur for the snow. I also used a piece of felt underneath it all to give it a bit of padding, but you probably still want to lie this on a carpet or rug to make sure your baby is comfy. I bought a meter of each but still had loads left of the fur, you probably only need either a quarter or half meter as you don't want it to take up the whole background.

I lay the felt down first, placed the blue material over the top and then positioned the fur at the bottom.

Now I like sewing so I got my sewing machine out for the next bit and after I'd positioned and pinned all 3 layer together, I sewed round the edges to keep it all together. You can cheat at this thought and use an iron on product like Heat n Bond to secure the material together, however your fur might not stick very well as it's a thicker material. If you are feeling lucky, you can just chance it and lay the material down without securing it, but you may need to keep repositioning every time your little one rolls or kicks, which lets face it, is going to happen.



Again I'll talk your through a few different options depending on how crafty you are. The easiest way I to buy some ready made letters, which you can get on places like Ebay (I've put a link in the materials list). You just buy the letters and iron them on to the material, if the have a sticky back. You could also cut the letters out of cardboard using a craft knife and place them on the mat, but you might have issues with them moving or getting eaten so it's not one I'd recommend.

I have a cutting machine at home called a Cricut and I used it to cut out some heat transfer vinyl which again you can just iron on to the material, but this gave me the option to choose my own font and make it on the day, rather than waiting on letters arriving and works out cheaper if it's something you use all the time.



So far you've had it easy! Taking the picture is the hard part as they can be wriggly little things. As you can see my original image had red eye and you could see the floor around it, but things like this are easily solved on your computer, if you can't get it right on the day. There are free photo editors online like www.picmonkey.com or you can download free software like paint.net.


It's even better if you invite your friends along to play as well, so go wild and help make some special memories this Christmas!

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