I tried going to the gym for a couple of weeks but I'm struggling to find the time, so I've come up with a new idea. I've bought the Davina 30 day fat burn DVD from Sky Store and I'm going to try exercising at home. There are a few different exercise sessions built into this DVD and the idea is you look up your 30 day calendar and find out which ones you do each day. I've really enjoyed the boxercise but the abs are killing me...I guess that means it's working right?!?!?

I've almost completed week 1 and have mostly been doing it at night or while I'm in the house by myself but I thought I'd give it a go with toddler. I Have no idea what I was thinking! In my head this was a fun way for us to bond, which would lead to us going out for runs together and sipping carrot juice at the weekend! Who am I kidding - she's 3 and unless we are fighting bad guys or helping all her sick animals then she has no interest at the moment so I think I'll be giving this a miss from now on. At least I got 1 funny video to remember it by - this is why children and exercise don't mix!

I'll give you guys an update once I've completed the 30 days with a full review on the DVD and the results I ended up with.